Sexy guys: muscled to husky!!

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Alright I’m up. Well… maybe just part of me.


    Alright I’m up. Well… maybe just part of me.

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    Ptown Bear Week Day 4:

    Left to right: myself, @cublifeboston, ginger-beef, akbearcub, bigxbad, and Chuck pup.

    Slept in, Tony made breakfast, I got some work done, and later we enjoyed some barbecue chicken and roast corn on the cob.

    Today was the Singlet Tea Dance. One of my favourites. We got there at opening to enjoy a less crowded dance floor…but, within the first hour I had filled up my memory card and had to rush back home to empty it.  It had a few weeks of photos on it.  Argh.

    Had a lil’ break down after I got back.  Too many people, not enough social ability.

    My pup Chuck played security detail and escorted me from the dance.  We tried taking more photos around town, but the weather was not cooperating. 

    Later that night Chuck pup took me to dinner at Mews, an award winning restaurant on the east side of ptown.  That and half a bottle of wine turned my day around very quickly.

    Sigh.  Missing big pup and lil pup lots.

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    Sexy @cublifeboston flagging at last tea.  He’s amaaaazing, wonderful technique borrowed from his experience with poi.

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